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Libros Gratis de Aimee Carter - Descargar libro gratis The Goddess test (Goddess test 1)

The Goddess test (Goddess test 1) -

Libros Gratis de Aimee Carter

Primer libro de la saga Goddess Test; Siempre han sido sólo Kate y su madre —y su madre se está muriendo. ¿Su último deseo? Regresar a su casa de la infancia. Por lo que Kate comenzará una nueva escuela sin amigos, sin familia y con miedo a que su madre no viva más allá del otoño. Entonces conoce a Henry. Oscuro. Torturado. E hipnótico. Afirma ser Hades, dios del Inframundo —y si ella acepta su oferta, mantendrá viva a su madre, mientras Kate trata de pasar siete pruebas. Kate asegura que él está loco —hasta que lo ve traer a una niña de entre los muertos. Ahora salvar a su madre parece locamente posible. Si ella tiene éxito, se convertirá en futura esposa de Henry, y en una diosa.

Eighteen year old Kate Winters has brought her mother home to Eden, Michigan to die in peace. Kate doesnt know what she is going to do without her mother, so she tries to focus on the gift of each day rather than what will happen next. She also is trying to fit in at the local high school. When one of the girls at the school plays a prank on Kate, it ends up having surprising consequences, leading Kate to the mysterious Eden Manor. As she is forced to make a difficult choice, she sees Greek mythology coming to life around her.
The Goddess Test is a difficult book to review, simply because its hard to discuss it without spoiling the storyline. A lot of the enjoyment of reading it derives from the twists and turns at the beginning. Once the entire story is set up and the main storyline takes over, its almost a different book. Getting to that central plot takes time, and its an enjoyable process to watch it unfold.
Kate is a lovely main character, and her love for her mother is very inspiring. She will do anything for just one more hour, one more minute, one more second with her mom, and its a beautiful thing to behold. When I saw how much she loved her mother, I knew all I needed to know about her. Shes fiercely loyal and driven, and will fight for those she loves. Shes also trustworthy and dependable - I really enjoyed getting to know her.
Once the main storyline of the book takes over, however, I didnt love where it took me. I kept finding myself asking, "Why?" There were too many questions and too little explanation. I was surprised that Kate was so willing to deal with people who neglected to explain anything to her. Kate is forced to make decisions with little to no explanation as to what the consequences will be. Additionally, it seems as though she is deceived at every turn, and the explanations given are completely unsatisfying. I had trouble buying the premise of the book simply because the details were so sketchy and so many of my questions went unanswered.
The Goddess Test had a lot of potential, especially with the incorporation of Greek mythology, but I didnt love how it turned out. That being said, I am willing to put aside my uncertainty and read the sequel once it is released. This book had a lot of promise, and I hope that will shine through in the next book, especially because I really did like Kate a lot. If youre a fan of the occasional YA novel for some lighter reading, Id recommend this one, otherwise Id choose another book.

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