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Libros Gratis de Crowley Aleister - Descargar libro gratis The Book of the Law (inglés)

The Book of the Law (inglés) -

Libros Gratis de Crowley Aleister

After scribing this book, he started a new religion which he called Thelema. He even started a new occult society that he called A?A? which practiced very dangerous and spellbinding rituals. He eventually also rose to become the new leader of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The Ordo Templi Orientis occult group is where the man named Jack Parsons, the man that founded the Jet Propulsions Laboratory for NASA, was also a very influential member. Crowley practiced the strangest of rituals for the OTO, and was even bi-sexual. Aleister Crowley also was a very heavy user of many recreational drugs. Doesnt this sound like he really was an influential part in pop culture and rebel society during the 19th century to this day? It certainly does. He also loved to criticize people socially and had no worries about the ramifications that could become of his character. He had no inhibitions, and was very free spirited in every sense of the word. He is quoted as saying he ?was in revolt against the moral and religious values of his time.? This was a form of libertinism that was brought on by his rule from The Book of The Law, that read ?Do What Thou Wilt?. Because of this statement or ?rule? he gained a lot of widespread fame, and in some cases fortunes, during his whole lifetime. He was hated by the popular press of the day as ?the wickedest man in the world?. Aleister Crowley has remained one of the most influential people in modern occultism. He is probably the most famous person in occultism of all time. Some of his work can be identified in film making, music, and in peoples writing. He has been cited by many people as being their greatest influence, in what they do, these people are: Jack Parsons, Kenneth Grant, and Gerald Gardner. Many other groups had said that he was their inspiration as well. Aleister Crowley was a heavy user of Heroin after being prescribed morphine for his respiratory infection. When Aleister Crowley died his last doctor died within 24 hours. It is said that Mr. Crowley put a hex or a curse on his doctor, because he refused to continue to prescribe him morphine. At his cremation service, which took place in Brighton in Great Britain, they spoke one of Aleisters works which was called ?Hymn to Pan?. Many newspapers said that this cremation service was basically a black mass. The Brighton Council has spoken out about this, and said they would take all the necessary steps, so that these black masses could not happen in the future. Why did it occur though in the first place? Thats how influential Crowley was on this Earth, during his lifetime.

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