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Libros Gratis de Dan Longo - Descargar libro gratis Principios de medicina interna Harrison. 18 Ed

Principios de medicina interna Harrison. 18 Ed -

Libros Gratis de Dan Longo

The most trusted textbook in medicine -- featuring the acclaimed Harrisons DVD with 57 additional chapters and exclusive video and tutorials Now presented in TWO VOLUMES Extensively revised and expanded by the world’s leading physicians, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 18e continues to set the standard as the pinnacle of current medical knowledge and practice, offering the definitive review of disease mechanisms and management.

All chapters have been completely updated to reflect the latest knowledge and evidence, and important new chapters have been added, including: "Systems Biology in Health and Disease," "The Human Microbiome," "The Biology of Aging," and "Neuropsychiatric Illnesses in War Veterans."

Harrisons covers more global aspects of medicine than any other textbook, and features such chapters as "Global Issues in Medicine," by Jim Yong Kim, Paul Farmer, and Joseph Rhatigan, and new to the 18th edition, "Primary Care in Low and Middle Income Countries."

No other resource delivers coverage of disease mechanisms and management like Harrisons, including world-renowned chapters on HIV/AIDS, STEMI and non-STEMI myorcardial infarction, cancer biology, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

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