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Libros Gratis de Lam Kam Chuen - Descargar libro gratis Chi Kung - Way of Power

Chi Kung - Way of Power -

Libros Gratis de Lam Kam Chuen

Benefits of stimulating the flow of chi are well known in the Eastern hemisphere. For the first time ever, established chi kung expert Lam Kam Chuen reveals advanced movements and positions previously unpublished in the Western world. Through clear illustrations and detailed instruction, you ll learn how to improve energy, decrease stress, fight illness, and increase your overall fitness through techniques designed to stimulate the internal flow of chi.

In addition to richly illustrated, full-color drawings that demonstrate each position and movement, Chi Kung: Way of Power offers methods for improving your focus, breathing, and creativity based on the Five Energies System of Chinese philosophy. Whether you re a student of tai chi, chi kung, or other oriental healing arts, you ll gain new insights based on this approach, which emphasizes the connection between the mind and body and the energy of the environment.

Learn how to move and align your body properly for the enhanced and uninhibited flow of blood and chi. Discover new breathing techniques to promote the intake of energy-powered oxygen and release toxic carbon dioxide. Chi Kung even covers mental focus techniques for improving creativity, reducing stress, and developing positive thoughts and emotions that lead to a peaceful mental state.

As a master of tai chi, chi kung, and feng shui, Lam Kam Chuen brings a unique perspective to his latest work. Clear, comprehensive, and concise, Chi Kung: Way of Power provides unsurpassed instruction from one of the leading teachers of the art today.


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