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Libros Gratis de Perkins Michelle - Descargar libro gratis 500 Poses for Photographing Brides (pdf)

500 Poses for Photographing Brides (pdf) -

Libros Gratis de Perkins Michelle

500 Poses for Photographing Brides: A Visual Sourcebook for Professional Digital Wedding Photographers

Containing numerous contemporary images by leading photographers, this indispensable manual concerning wedding portraits explains posing fundamentals as well as how to create a flattering, feature-specific photograph?one that focuses on the head, shoulders, arms, legs, or torso?in different levels of close-ups, from head-shots to full-lengths.
Since posing is the second most challenging aspect of photography and with the added complications of a wedding?from the brides personal style to her figure and gown?it can be very easy for a photographer to make a wrong turn. This perceptive reference provides the perfect place to turn when in need of quick posing strategies and fresh ideas.

2010 | PDF | 128 pages | 16,5 mb

Libros Gratis Para Descargar - Comentarios sobre 500 Poses for Photographing Brides (pdf) Comentarios sobre 500 Poses for Photographing Brides (pdf)

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